Master the key moments

Some moments are so significant that the success of a company depends on them. To master these key moments, your employees need a special skillset and the right mindset. Both are trained with Innerspace, with more focus than in any other training – digital or real life.

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Your employees do the right things

If every move, every touch and every intervention is essential, then the training has to be perfect. Our Clean Room Behavior Trainings are focused simulations of real production steps. Experiences in the safe space of our virtual reality become a real experience. And experienced employees are what you need.

  • a safe virtual environment
  • simulated key moments create real experience
  • skillset and mindset training
  • shortened but more effective trainings
  • trainings staff and cost reduction
  • ongoing operation is maintained

How your company will use DeepTraining

Focused Experiences in Virtual Reality: Learn how you can use our expertise in technology, training design and industry insights to get the most out of your trainings.

Demo Days

See Innerspace’ DeepTraining in Action!

Evaluation Workshops

Find the key moments of your company and learn how to train more efficiently: In our workshop we work together to develop your DeepTraining potential.